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Our Process

While every engagement is unique, our general process is to get an overview of the existing IT systems/infrastructure and meet with executives to learn their 5 year vision, 3 year goals, and 1 year targets (5-3-1 plans). During those discussions, we cover the question of how well the current systems are supporting those plans. As appropriate, we meet with other stakeholders in the company to get their thoughts on the efficiency of the current systems. Then we create an executive report of options and recommendations (the OR report) that includes both a list of immediate action items and a longer term strategy. Selected projects from the report are priced out, desired ones are implemented, associated training is provided, support structures are put in place, and follow-up effectiveness evaluations (FEEs) are conducted to ensure the expected results were achieved.

Complementing our process, Subjective Systems has mature structures in place:

  • Support – including phone, e-mail, and troubleticketing
  • Documentation – notes and diagrams that we share with customers
  • Billing – our monthly billing includes an itemized list of the work accomplished

Benefit from the Flexibility of Subjective Systems

With your business, you may currently need temporary assistance, part time/long term help, or complex full time assistance. Subjective Systems is flexible and can help with your level of need. We can provide your entire computer technology staff, manage your existing staff, or work with/for your current staff. In addition, it is likely that your current needs will change with time. As your technology needs change with the dynamics of your business, Subjective Systems can change with you without requiring you to hire, fire, or retrain in-house technology people to meet your new needs.

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