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Become A Customer

It's easy to become a Subjective Systems customer. You can call on us to troubleshoot a one-time Information Technology (IT) issue. On the other end of the spectrum, you can bring us in to discuss your long-term goals and short-term targets, so that we can develop a proactive IT strategy that aligns with them (see Our Process).

When deciding on your IT solution, consider these questions:

Are the costs for maintaining your computer systems unpredictable?

Do you end up being reactive instead of proactive with your computer technology?

Is there a dependable support structure for you to call and e-mail that reliably tracks your issue until it is resolved to your satisfaction?

Do you feel confident that your computer system is protected from viruses/hacking and that your personnel know safe computing practices?

Have your business needs changed but your computing technologies remained the same?

Do your data backups and disaster recovery plans match the level of importance of the different aspects of your business?

Would on-staff technology personnel be able to cost-effectively keep up with the high pace of technology changes as well as meet the technology demands of your company?

Do you feel that your computer technology needs are strategically and financially aligned with the goals of your company?

Do your employees waste time fighting with and working around computer systems instead of the computer systems enabling them to do their jobs more efficiently?

Do you feel you are on top of technologies that could add cost and/or productivity efficiency?

Subjective Systems can help with these issues and has diverse business consulting experience to compliment its deep level of technology expertise. We would be glad to meet with you in determining how we can work together. Contact Us.