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About Us

Subjective Systems was incorporated in 2006, formally bringing together a group of highly experienced information technology professionals. Since then, we have built on that experience and refined our service to better meet the needs of our customers (see Our Process).

Complementing our process, Subjective Systems has mature structures in place:

  • Support – including phone, e-mail, and troubleticketing
  • Documentation – notes and diagrams that we share with customers
  • Billing – our monthly billing includes an itemized list of the work accomplished

Our Experience

As expected, Subjective Systems personnel have experience in system design, installation and management as well as network administration, software development and IT consulting. However, we also have experience in financial accounting and business consulting. These skills allow us to calculate the real costs of a given IT solution and compare that with the business benefits when providing you with decision information for your IT project.

Our Personnel

Subjective Systems does not hire resumés. We usually only bring people on board with whom we have a long history such that we know their character and expertise. For people without a strong history, we perform multiple interviews and a background check so that we can be assured of high quality and reliable people.

Pilot Executives

In addition to formal education and long careers in computer technology and business, the executives of Subjective Systems are also licensed pilots and literally experience the 10,000-foot view many times a year.

They have found applicable parallels for computer technology in the best practices, risk mitigation, and judgment, that come with the responsibilities of flying.